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Aluprof MB-86

Aluprof MB-86 is characterized by high thermal insulation and durability with the possibility of making windows of large dimensions and weight.
Aluprof MB-86 is the first window in the world to use aerogel, a material with outstanding thermal insulating properties used in aero-space technology.

Aluprof MB-86


Depth of profiles – 77 mm (frame) and 86 mm (sash)
Filling thickness –13,5 to 58,5 mm (fixed glazing), 21 to 67,5 mm (sash)
Energy-efficient windows available in 3 insulation options:
MB-86ST – from 1,3 W/m2K
MB-86SI –from 0,9 W/m2K
MB-86AERO – from 0,5 W/m2K
[reference value for package of double-chamber glazing Ug = 0,5 W/m2K]


Choice of fittings:
All concealed hinges are clampable in the frame and vent groove.
For profiles with frame groove 14/18 mm as well as 10/14 mm.
The visual difference between opening windows and fixed windows will be minimal and this contributing to the total aesthetic of your interior.
Use of non-corroding materials: zinc alloy, stainless steel, synthetic material, silicon bronze.
The activPilot Concept fitting concept for turn-tilt windows combines functionality, perfected security technology and operating comfort. It is suitable for all profile systems, offers a high level of flexibility and fulfils the highest visual requirements with individual design coordination on the visible hinge side.


Complex pane 48 mm, 4/18/4/18/4 (standard)
Ug = 0,5 W/m2K
Glazing in frame from 13,5 to 61,5 mm
Glazing in sash from 21 to 70,5 mm


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